Thursday, May 06, 2010

Food + Flânerie

Denise Acabo's eclectic candy shop - she knew right away that I found her through David Lebovitz

It was closed but luckily every single shop around it served the famed ice cream. Caramel beurre sale et noisette? Yes please!

A nice hefty sourdough (luckily they sold quarters of their gigantic loaves). Their pain au chocolat and flan-cake-thing were good too

With bread comes butter! So fresh it really tasted like sweet milk/cream

Perfectly plump. On the right, the glory of E. Dehillerin where I picked up some copper cannele molds

Galettes (buckwheat crepes) and cider at Breizh cafe. I had no idea andouille is not the same there

The famed hot chocolate from Angelina, and Gerard Mulot's cherry clafoutis (very different from any clafoutis that I've ever had or made)

Stroll down Rue Montorgeuil where I picked up this incredibly boozy baba au rhum from Stohrer (so boozy even the college kids couldn't take it)

Mini pain aux cereals from Eric Kayser and comte from La Fermette: a match made in heaven

Random bistro in le marais we walked into and the pizza shop van next to it

The first of 3 trips to the best falafel I've ever had!

My sister indulges me on my food escapades, so I must indulge her.

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Cynch said...

I want to go to that candy store! And wow Leibowitz has written a lot of books!