Sunday, May 11, 2008

I got it from my mama

I was super late to my family lunch at La Note because I was making brioche bread pudding for Mother's Day! I started the brioche yesterday and didn't realize that it took forever to rise (I used a Dorie Greenspan recipe) so I didn't bake the bread until this morning. I didn't have time to let it cool and I thought it would be ok to skip that part since it would be in bread pudding anyway. I used the Tartine custard recipe, and didn't follow the no-crowding rule. Thus, unlike Tartine's, mine turned out more brioche-y than custard-y, but I actually preferred it since Tartine's can get really soggy (Alice once commented that theirs looks like vomit). Ideally it should fall somewhere in between the two.

I just topped it with some strawberries macerated in sugar and balsamic. Oh yeah, and I had to use a springform again because I left my bread pans in Fremont. Doh!

My mom also brought her very very old yogurt maker for me to play with. Hopefully I'll get a yogurt post up one of these days!

More pictures after the jump.

Toasting slices of brioche, pre-custard crowding, ready to bake!


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