Friday, May 04, 2007

QUESTION: what kind of bear is best?

No, that's not really my question, but the answer is obviously black bear.

THE REAL QUESTION: what type of Asian cuisine is the most romantic?

I was having a conversation with Francis about this, and he claims Vietnamese (I think he's a little biased). I, on the other hand, have no idea! My first thought was Korean - not because of the food, but because they're known for their dramatic films and soaps. But if you were to judge by food alone? I'm really not sure, since our (i.e. America's) notion of romance is usually inspired by European countries like France, Italy, etc.

This is what I do at work.


Kevin said...

1. panda bear.

2. Either Japanese or Thai Food. b/c at Japanese places you can get those bao jian deals, and that's more intimate. And you can share sushi/nigiri off the same plate!

And Thai food just seems fun for some reason.

Mike said...

After careful consideration i've concluded that filipino food is the most romantic asian food for the following two reasons:

1. i'm filipino
2. after a coma-inducing, cholesterol-raising filipino meal, most people realize that our time on this earth is short and that we should live in the moment, which consequently results in romantic activities

actually, i think thai food is the most romantic...